The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing

As Drake would say, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here,” Jimmy Fallon took the time out to show us the evolution of Hip Hop Dancing. Joining in on the fun, Will Smith jumps in and gives us a great laugh.



Album Review: Lupe Fiasco FL2

GENRE: Hip Hop


Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album Title: Food And Liquor 2: The American Rap Album Part 1
Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Rating (out of 5): 3.9

Brief Description:

Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated album release after Lasers, Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album (Part 1) came out with hopes of rekindling the flame of the first Food and Liquor album released in 2006. Touching on some of the same issues, Lupe stirs up the fans with the single “Bitch Bad” where he mocks the coined phrase for an attractive woman.


  • Lupe Fiasco came out with another album.
  • Uses Ayesha for the album’s intro
  • Has a LARGE spectrum of styles on each track
  • Dope rendition of T.R.O.Y
  • Super dope outro


  • Lyrically did not remind me of Food and Liquor
  • Some songs sound like Lupe was holding back
  • Too many trendy songs
  • Not enough relevant content
  • Didn’t feel like there was a theme for the album

The wrap up:
Okay, so I may sound harsh, but I did not care for this album. I was really excited to see that Lupe had named the album after his debut album, which set an expectation in my mind that this album would compare to that first attempt. I don’t feel like it did. Food and Liquor 2 did not seem to have a consistent theme, and that is one thing that I love about Lupe (his ability to plan and execute themes in his albums). In addition, the overall sound was a little too POP for what I like to hear from Lupe. I even took the time to go back and see if it was just me or if I really was hearing a POP side to him. The second album (The Cool) was well planned and executed. Even Lasers (Which wasn’t really a favorite but was better than this album) had an agenda.

Honestly, I won’t stop being a fan of Lupe from this album, but I do think about the timing of it. What would have happened if he came out with this album first instead of 4th? I probably would have stop checking for him.

But I did have a few tracks that did not disappoint:

Strange Fruition

Around my way

Bitch Bad


and Hood Now

Sorry Lupe, I guess I will have to listen to the first two albums until Part 2 comes out.

The SoapBoxx Radio May 18th, 2012


Is there a such thing as discriminating against pregnant women?

Meet the woman who was fired for “saying bye bye” and the reason she KNOWS that is a lie.

We also covered more on the Trayvon Martin case, Steve Blake’s recent death threats, the ALL YOU CAN EAT disaster and more!

You have to see this!


The SoapBoxx Radio May 17th, 2012

Image Special Guests: Bill Kushinton, K D-Re’ll, Hyp Hop Sells

Are you apart of the Dark Side or JEDI LIFE?

Today Da Queen interviews the very talented JEDILIFE out of Denver, Colorado!

You do not want to miss this very entertaining interview

If you enjoyed any of the music of JEDILIFE please feel free to download their latest work on

The SoapBoxx Radio May 14th, 2012


Today on The SoapBoxx Radio we covered marriage trends including the recent discussion of President Barack Obama’s support of same sex marriage. Also, we spoke about the tax issues in California, more on the Trayvon Martin case and the results from Jennifer Hudson’s recent family massacre.

Did you see what happened with JP Morgan Chase after they “lost” $2 BillionĀ  in a trade?


Hear about Chris Bosh and his indefinite leave from the NBA?

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The SoapBoxx Radio


The SoapBoxx Radio April 16th

The SoapBoxx Radio April 16th

Today on The SoapBoxx Radio we discussed Nicki Minaj deleting her twitter, Kobe and Vanessa, Tupac special appearance at Cochella, In current events, we talked about Hilary Clinton’s vacation and the perception it gave with her partying. Also we covered the prostitution scandal in the secret service and much more! Watch, Share, Like!