Say What?!

We have covered some of the most lyrical emcees in Hip Hop to date, including Mos Def (Yasin Bey), MF DOOM, Nas, Andre 3000 and more. Now we cover some of the most questionable rhymes of our time. The rhymes that make us say, “Say What?!?!”

First off, when Biggie said…. “You look so good I would…”


Oh no! How wild style is that? We didn’t even expect that verse to come out.

Here is a list of the notable mentions. These cats are always saying some off the wall stuff. Especially when we least expect it.

1. Tyler the Creator
2. Kanye West
3. Action Bronson
4. 2 Chainz
5. Mac Miller
6. School Boy Q
7. Chance the Rapper

If you have any other artists that come to mind, drop us a line in the comments!



The SoapBoxx Radio May 17th, 2012

Image Special Guests: Bill Kushinton, K D-Re’ll, Hyp Hop Sells

Are you apart of the Dark Side or JEDI LIFE?

Today Da Queen interviews the very talented JEDILIFE out of Denver, Colorado!

You do not want to miss this very entertaining interview

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