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Who Is Jose James?



Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Magician.

Jose James is so smooth that we are officially changing the word SMOOTH to Jose James.

(Example Sentence; Man, this wine is soooo Jose James)

Please Proceed.

Jose James is what you are missing out on if you have ever said you were tired of hearing the same ole, same ole. With such a rich voice, you won’t regret putting this man’s music on repeat. And fellas, it wouldn’t hurt to find out what he is talking about either. James’ word play is amazing, and the way he┬ámaneuvers┬áthrough each song plays with the acoustic value of the music.

He has dropped his latest album, “No┬áBeginning┬á No End” within the last month, and it describes the album best. This album’s continuity is amazing, with distinct live instrumentation and sounds ┬áthat can only be produced in the atmosphere of Soul.

Out of 5 stars, he receives 5 (A great listen from start to finish!)

Jose James’ sound (or should we say his approach reminds us most like) D’Angelo.

Be sure you check out the man, and the music!